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Alien Storm 1.0

Alien Storm 1.0 by GameFabrique


Aliens decide that our planet will make a nice place for them to set up shop. They want the planet. They start taking over the streets, eating people and what not. They begin to disguise themselves as humans. 3 special agents are called into the

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle 1.0

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle 1.0 by GameFabrique


This is a first real sequel to Miracle World.

The mission this time is to rescue Alex's dad, who's gone missing in the land of Paperock. The name of Paperock comes from the game that every citizen likes to play and is an expert at:

Alien 3 1.0

Alien 3 1.0 by GameFabrique


Use your machine guns to blast away at the aliens.

If gut-wrenching terror is your idea of a good time, then this game for you. Based on the movie of the same name, it's your duty to guide Lieutenant Ripley through Fiorina 161 prison camp in search

Addams Family Values 1.0

Addams Family Values 1.0 by GameFabrique


The Addams family finds itself in a wacky situation once again, this time involving the newest member of the family, Baby Pubert. Following the same plot as the movie, this game puts you in the role of Uncle Fester as you try to rescue Pubert from

Caliber Fifty 1.0

Caliber Fifty 1.0 by GameFabrique


The year is 1972. The place is south Vietnam. Captain "Windbreak" Addis' plane has been shot down by the Vietcong. The captain ejected at the last second and is now in the thick of the jungle. Armed with a fifty-caliber machine gun and hand